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    April 5, 2011

    Add a Touch of Summer to your day!

    It may seem like the summer sun is a long way away, but believe it or not it is just around the corner! If you are planning to have your wedding during the fabulous summer months, then here are a few fun and interesting ideas you may wish to incorporate:

    If you have got outside space at your reception venue, set up some chairs and giant games so guests can enjoy the glorious summer sun before sitting down to the wedding breakfast

    Instead of serving guests canapés on arrival, try Pimms and ice cream – we have some funky vintage ice cream carts which can be hired out to serve your guests an array of tasty treats!

    For the bride and bridesmaids vintage parasols and colourful fans are a great way to keep cool – you can even hand out fans to guests as favours

    Themes for this summer are set to be bright and beautiful, so why not go with a beach theme using deckchairs and seashells to decorate or try an Indian inspired colour theme with rich coloured fabrics and jewels – we have some great theming and entertainment options available or we can put together something completely bespoke for you!

    Travel in style to your event with an open topped vintage car or horse and carriage, perfect for catching a breeze but also makes a grand entrance! – we have some great options for travel on your special day from quirky tuktuks to an elegant Rolls Royce

    If you need any help with ideas or finding some great suppliers then contact us on 01273 771500 and we will be more than happy to put together a proposal of options for you free of charge.

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    March 10, 2011

    Peter Andre – wedding planner?!

    It’s all happening here at Marry Me Towers – we’re heading full pelt towards our next amazing Pamper Me bridal evening, even bigger and more beautiful than before. We’re moving to the elegant Paganini Ballroom at the Old Ship Hotel for the next one – have a look at the information HERE

    In the meantime though, we have an exciting opportunity for anyone getting hitched. Peter Andre (we love him and we’re not afraid to say so!) is looking for a couple who want to get married this summer, or who want to get engaged and would like some help from the man himself! It’s for Peter’s new ITV2 show.

    If you would like to apply to take part in the show email us and we can forward your details to Peter’s production team!


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    December 17, 2010

    Give your hen party Vavavavoom!

    Hen party ideas

    Hen party ideas

    Looking for something fun and exciting to do for your hen party? Want to reveal your inner vamp? Then look no further than the Vavavavoom School of Burlesque, where you can learn to love the body your through dressing glamorously, undressing elegantly and posing provocatively. The classes will not only make you feel sexy but more confident and empowered as a women! It’s a fantastic thing to do for your hen party!

    The wonderful Vavavavoom ladies exhibited with us at the launch of Pamper Me in July this year. And now Vavavavoom are back for our January event to get you girls strutting your stuff once again! It is a great way for you and your hens to dress up, feel fabulous and bring out your sexy side.

    If you want to find out more about what Vavavavoom can do for your hen party, come on down to Pamper Me on the 20th January and see for yourselves. If you would like more information on the fair, please contact Ashleigh on 01273 771500 or email us

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    December 16, 2010

    Pans Casino tables exhibit

    Roulette Table

    Roulette Table

    Finding entertainment for your wedding can often be the trickiest part of the day. Finding something that’s going keep the excitement of the day going and ensuring your guests are well looked after, can be tough. But that’s why Pamper Me is here – to help you find something special, something a little bit different, and so we have bought Pans Casino along to the fair!

    Exhibiting with us at the launch of Pamper Me in July, Pans Casino are back again and ready to show you what they can bring to your wedding. It’s a great way to entertain your guests, and is something a bit different to offer. Guests can gamble away on one of many tables, such as roulette, black jack or poker! And hey, after a few glasses of bubbly your guests will be even more confident and get gambling (not real money, of course!). It might even be a chance for those young single lads to show off their skills and impress those lovely ladies!

    If you want to see what Pans Casino can offer you in 2011 for you wedding, come on down to Pamper Me on the 20th January and see what it’s all about! If you would like more information on the fair, contact Ashleigh on 01273 771500 today

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    November 10, 2010

    Let’s Get Trendy!


    Fabulous Tiki Bar created for wedding client

    The New Year is fast approaching and the wedding trends for 2011 are set to be amazing!

    On the fashion side – feminine and glamorous dresses are on an all time sales high with statement jewellery pieces and coloured shoes being the must have essentials to add that perfect finishing touch.

    For the flowers – it will be all about the natural and beautiful flowers with fresh and seasonal blooms being at the top of most couples lists. For those on a bit of a budget pot plants and artificial flowers are a big hit!

    The venue – this is normally one of the most important parts of the wedding to plan, as most brides have there perfect venue in mind. The classic and traditional venues are now looking like a thing of the past with a distinct shift towards the smaller, intimate and quirky venues. They not only add a unique edge to your wedding but make it that little bit more personal. – We have a huge range of venues available from cute country barns and modern chic hotels to wedding teepees. Alongside the changing trends in venues is the choice of catering for the reception – this has moved towards BBQs, buffets, afternoon tea and quaint summer picnics.

    Cakes – Yummy! The sweetest part of the day is in keeping with the same trend as last year with the cupcake. But this year it will be joined by its fellow sweet treats the Whoopie pie, the cake pop and candy buffets! – Talk about putting a sugar high your big day.

    Finally the personal touches – 2011 will see a big rise in couples adding personal touches to their special day through a variety of different methods be it favours, photo bunting, personalised bottles of champagne and choice of catering. – We can help you to add that personal touch to your day by noting down what you want or helping you with ideas. The sky really is the limit!

    We keep in touch with the latest wedding trends so that we can bring them to you! For more information about our wedding planning services please email us on info@marrymeweddingfair.co.uk

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    November 3, 2010

    Lets All Get A Little Merry…

    Fancy giving your guests something totally different for a favour or do you just want to add an extra edge to the evening’s entertainment? – Then hire a cocktail bar!

    Many couples now prefer to hire a cocktail bar to serve their guests their chosen drink instead of handing out favours. You could also hire a couple of flair barman to add that extra wow factor to the evening – they can mix up an array of different cocktails before your guests very eyes as well as putting on a show of fancy hand moves.

    We have some great suppliers that provide cocktail bars whether you want them to light up, fit with your day’s theme (Venetian, James Bond or winter wonderland to name but a few) or just look elegant and sophisticated. For a quote call 01273 771500 or visit our website.


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    October 8, 2010

    Themed weddings get more exciting!

    We’re really excited about the new series of Wedding House on Channel 4. For ages we’ve been banging the drum about having exciting and unusual weddings and been lucky enough to have been the wedding planner for a few crazy brides! But it’s thrilling to see themed weddings on national television.

    The first episode of Wedding House featured an Alice in Wonderland theme for a wedding, with great attention to detail (the devil is in the detail!) and the most amazing costumes – every single guest was dressed up as a character from the story. Giant cupcakes, delicate teacups and saucers for drinking from, giant toadstools, ‘Eat me’ and ‘Drink me’ signs… the props were stunning!

    What was really interesting was seeing the groom change from being slightly reluctant, to really enjoying dressing up. We see this a lot with themed parties and weddings. People feel a bit daft until they really get into the swing of things – then suddenly they find their inner child released and really start to have fun!

    Also in the show was a fantastic Moulin Rouge themed wedding. We thoroughly approve of the complete over-the-topness of this theme and even more so as the bride and groom are both theatrical types. They even go one step further and include a performance as part of their wedding!

    All this just goes to prove what we’ve been saying for ages. The days have gone where the traditional wedding is the only option. Civil ceremonies have contributed a lot to this change, bringing with them new formats and having no precedent to follow… we love the new creative wedding ideas and in fact we’re working on a Winter Wonderland wedding and a ‘Disney’ themed wedding at the moment. tiki-bar-set-up

    One of the most popular weddings we ever worked on included a full Hawaiian tiki bar (pictured) and two tonnes of sand being brought into the venue! We’ll never forget seeing the wedding guests kick off their shoes and run into the sand laughing and giggling like children!

    So. If you are planning a wedding with a more unusual theme or angle, we can match anything you’ve seen on Wedding House, and a whole lot more besides! We have prop builders, make up artists, actors and performers – everything you need to create the wedding of your dreams and fantasies. Click here to email us

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    August 16, 2010

    Roll up, roll up… for wedding entertainment

    imported-photos-00215Circus acts and entertainment are becoming a hot new trend at weddings – it’s fun, exciting, it appeals to all ages and is guaranteed to have all your guests’ jaws dropping!


    Fairground stalls are great for creating an atmosphere. You can include toffee apples, candy floss and popcorn stalls that can double as desserts for your guests. We have a great variety of side stalls such as coconut shies, hook a duck and cork shoot, and food stalls for you to hire that all your guests will love!


    You can have acts like jugglers, stilt walkers, fire-eaters, caricaturists, clowns and contortionists to entertain and interact with the guests. We have a huge range of circus entertainers available too. The stilt walkers also have a range of outfits to suit your wedding theme – think pink flamingos, Moulin Rouge, clowns and bumble bees… you name it, we got it!


    Imagine how and where the entertainers would have the most impact on your day – meet and greet, kids’ entertainment… heck, you could even have someone crazy giving away the bride if you wished!!


    If you want to go all the way with the fairground and circus themes why not hire a marquee, big top, dodgems or waltzer!? There is so much available these days and we have it all. If any of this excites you, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling…


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