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    June 9, 2011

    Pamper Me 30th June!

    Believe it or not June has arrived, and along with it is our next Pamper Me! wedding fair.  It will be taking place in just a couple of weeks on the 30th June at the Old Ship Hotel in Brighton and it is not an opportunity to be missed. We have a great range of exhibitors attending this year including wonderful bridal wear from Perfection Bridal – who have a range of stunning bridal gowns to suit all brides! Hardings Catering – come and sample some of their delicious food! And Balloonatics – who offer a fabulous range of gorgeous chair cover and sashes.

    We still have a couple of stalls available, so if you want to exhibit at Pamper Me now is the perfect opportunity. So don’t let it pass you by! At our last Pamper Me Wedding Fair in Brighton one exhibitor said it was the best wedding fair they’d ever exhibited at.

    We also have an amazing prize to give away; the 40th bride who registers at our Pamper Me wedding fair on the day will receive a photography package worth £499!!

    Entry is £2 with a glass of bubbly and amazing goody bags filled with lots samples and treats. There is no need to register in advance, just simply come along on the day and enjoy this girls night made in heaven. Bring your friends – everyone welcome

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    April 28, 2011

    Have a Popping Good Time!

    Fancy something cute and unique to give out to your guests as a wedding favour? Want something different from your traditional three tired wedding cake?

    Well ladies your prayers have been answered……As the cake pop has officially arrived!

    These cute and fabulous little morsels of cake on a stick make perfect wedding cake alternatives and can double up as favours for your guests. Ingenious you say… I think so!

    There is a huge range of different styles and themes these pops come in, whether you want a traditional bride and groom theme or something a bit different such as ice cream cones or snowmen. You can even go for something simple like a rocky road coating.

    Why not have some special ones made for the children in the style of a favourite Disney character!

    Aren’t these the cutest things you’ve ever seen! The incredible Bakerella created these wedding cake pops that would be perfect for any engagement party, wedding shower, or as delicious wedding favours! And obviously, you could even propose with them!

    What ever theme you have in mind and flavour you fancy, we have some great suppliers that will be more than happy to make your wedding dreams come true. If you would like to get a quote contact us on 01273 771500.

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    December 7, 2010

    Mummy Cupcakes exhibit at Pamper Me!


    Amazing wedding cake tower!

    Christmas is over, the excitement turns into dread, bank accounts are empty and it’s back to work. Yes that’s right, it can only mean January! But hey, it’s not all bad. Think of all the January sales you can find a bargain at, and not only that, here at Marry Me Wedding Fairs, we have come up with the perfect plan to get you back into the spirit – Pamper Me is back and ready to eliminate those January blues.

    Despite Christmas being only three weeks away, we have already generated lots of interest in this next Pamper Me event, and exhibitors are confirming left, right and centre. One of which being our cake exhibitor, Mummy’s Cupcakes who took a stand with us at the launch of Pamper Me back in July, and they are back again ready to offer our visitors some great cupcake samples and be in with the chance of winning a scrumptious cake in the prize draw. They went down a storm at the last fair, and we have no doubts the same will happen again! AND YOU CAN WIN CAKE!!!

    We know it can be a tough time in January, but with Pamper Me being a completely new concept in wedding fairs, we are confident that it is going to be the hottest thing going on in what is not such a hot month!

    If you are interested in taking a stand with us, give us a call today and ask for Ashleigh on 01273 771500.

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    November 10, 2010

    Let’s Get Trendy!


    Fabulous Tiki Bar created for wedding client

    The New Year is fast approaching and the wedding trends for 2011 are set to be amazing!

    On the fashion side – feminine and glamorous dresses are on an all time sales high with statement jewellery pieces and coloured shoes being the must have essentials to add that perfect finishing touch.

    For the flowers – it will be all about the natural and beautiful flowers with fresh and seasonal blooms being at the top of most couples lists. For those on a bit of a budget pot plants and artificial flowers are a big hit!

    The venue – this is normally one of the most important parts of the wedding to plan, as most brides have there perfect venue in mind. The classic and traditional venues are now looking like a thing of the past with a distinct shift towards the smaller, intimate and quirky venues. They not only add a unique edge to your wedding but make it that little bit more personal. – We have a huge range of venues available from cute country barns and modern chic hotels to wedding teepees. Alongside the changing trends in venues is the choice of catering for the reception – this has moved towards BBQs, buffets, afternoon tea and quaint summer picnics.

    Cakes – Yummy! The sweetest part of the day is in keeping with the same trend as last year with the cupcake. But this year it will be joined by its fellow sweet treats the Whoopie pie, the cake pop and candy buffets! – Talk about putting a sugar high your big day.

    Finally the personal touches – 2011 will see a big rise in couples adding personal touches to their special day through a variety of different methods be it favours, photo bunting, personalised bottles of champagne and choice of catering. – We can help you to add that personal touch to your day by noting down what you want or helping you with ideas. The sky really is the limit!

    We keep in touch with the latest wedding trends so that we can bring them to you! For more information about our wedding planning services please email us on info@marrymeweddingfair.co.uk

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    October 26, 2010

    A Little Confused?!

    The wedding breakfast is a traditional part of the wedding Day, but what is it? As the name would suggest it is the first meal of the day, breakfast. But oddly this is not the case.

    Breakfast is well known as the first meal of the day to break the over night fast. The wedding breakfast breaks the fast of the bride and groom following the wedding ceremony. Traditionally this would be a three course sit down meal but today many couples opt for the money saving option of a buffet – What ever you fancy we can put something together that will make your wedding day that extra little bit special!

    The wedding breakfast is one of the most important aspects of the day as it is the bride and groom’s first meal together as a lawfully wedded couple. It is also a family occasion where members of the bride and groom’s family get to dine with each other for the first time after the marriage ceremony. Due to the significance of the wedding breakfast there are certain protocols of etiquette and tradition that need to be followed to ensure that everyone enjoys the evening.

    One of the basic rules which the wedding breakfast follows is the seating arrangements. The ‘top table,’ is where the bride and groom sit facing their guests, they are usually accompanied by the father, mother, maid of honour and best man. The groom sits on the right

    side of the Bride with the father on the right side of the mother and the maid of honour and best man sit in the corners. The other family members are adjacent to the bride and groom on the ‘receiving line’ tables.

    Favours 529x4594for the guests are usually placed on the tables along side each of their place cards. Traditionally these are sugared almonds, to signify well wishes on the bride and groom’s new life. But today there is a huge range of items you can use from sweets and chocolate to candles and flower seeds.

    It is also traditional during the breakfast for three toasts to be announced. A response to these is normally done by the groom on behalf of the bride and the best man on behalf of the bridesmaids.

    If you would like to get a quote on the catering options that we have available or would like discuss a more bespoke option please call 01273 771500.

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    October 8, 2010

    Themed weddings get more exciting!

    We’re really excited about the new series of Wedding House on Channel 4. For ages we’ve been banging the drum about having exciting and unusual weddings and been lucky enough to have been the wedding planner for a few crazy brides! But it’s thrilling to see themed weddings on national television.

    The first episode of Wedding House featured an Alice in Wonderland theme for a wedding, with great attention to detail (the devil is in the detail!) and the most amazing costumes – every single guest was dressed up as a character from the story. Giant cupcakes, delicate teacups and saucers for drinking from, giant toadstools, ‘Eat me’ and ‘Drink me’ signs… the props were stunning!

    What was really interesting was seeing the groom change from being slightly reluctant, to really enjoying dressing up. We see this a lot with themed parties and weddings. People feel a bit daft until they really get into the swing of things – then suddenly they find their inner child released and really start to have fun!

    Also in the show was a fantastic Moulin Rouge themed wedding. We thoroughly approve of the complete over-the-topness of this theme and even more so as the bride and groom are both theatrical types. They even go one step further and include a performance as part of their wedding!

    All this just goes to prove what we’ve been saying for ages. The days have gone where the traditional wedding is the only option. Civil ceremonies have contributed a lot to this change, bringing with them new formats and having no precedent to follow… we love the new creative wedding ideas and in fact we’re working on a Winter Wonderland wedding and a ‘Disney’ themed wedding at the moment. tiki-bar-set-up

    One of the most popular weddings we ever worked on included a full Hawaiian tiki bar (pictured) and two tonnes of sand being brought into the venue! We’ll never forget seeing the wedding guests kick off their shoes and run into the sand laughing and giggling like children!

    So. If you are planning a wedding with a more unusual theme or angle, we can match anything you’ve seen on Wedding House, and a whole lot more besides! We have prop builders, make up artists, actors and performers – everything you need to create the wedding of your dreams and fantasies. Click here to email us

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    July 19, 2010

    Pamper Me Success!

    dscn2257We’re absolutely thrilled with the way Pamper Me! worked last week. Our wedding fair with a difference was a definite success and we’re already planning the next one. We will be launching the winter events and the first date to be announced is the 20th January, again at the Thistle, and again an evening event like this one

    Running this type of wedding fair was definitely a bit of a risk for us, with Pamper Me being a very different format and a very different time of year from most wedding fairs. But as you can see from the pictures everyone had a roaring good time, we had so much fun. If you want to see more about it then do go to our facebook page HERE and have a look.

    A huge thank you to all those who exhibited and supported us… and to our models and volunteers too. We’re looking forward to the next one – and keep your eyes peeled for pictures of the event in the Latest magazine and Absolute Brighton!

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    June 29, 2010

    Heating up for Pamper Me!

    flyer-front-low-resWe’re very excited about the Pamper Me! event on 15 July, not least because it’s the first time we’ve launched this completely new type of wedding fair, but also because of the buzz it’s created with our exhibitors.


    There are so many wedding fairs in spring and autumn, and it’s so hard to get a good ROI as an exhibitor. If you’re booked to exhibit at a wedding fair on a Sunday – and let’s face it, they’re always on Sundays – you can bet your bottom dollar there’s at least two or three going on in the same local area. If they’re not run by competitor wedding fair planners then the venues are doing them themselves. How on earth are you supposed to generate good numbers at the events? There are only so many brides!


    We launched Pamper Me! during the summer expressly to combat this, hoping that without such a high level of competition, we’d see good footfall and serious visitors, people who actually want to book bridal suppliers… but we have taken it one stage further, identifying that it’s usually the brides-to-be that want to come to these events. And their mothers of course. And their mates! So we have aimed this at a very female market, urging exhibitors to really get behind this with samples and tasters, to make the whole evening a bit more fun! There’s live music, a Lucky Voice karaoke pod, tiny cup cakes to sample, tiaras to try on, hair and makeup consultations to experience… and bubbly on arrival, plus a nice goody bag to take away. It’s a very girly event, we’re confident it’s going to be fabulous!


    We’ve got two stands left, that’s all. So if anyone fancies trying out something different, email us quickly. We’re lining up some more of these events based on the response so far… exhibitors who support us at the first event will enjoy a special deal at subsequent Pamper Me! nights.


    Contact Sam or Ashleigh on info@marrymeweddingfair.co.uk or call 01273 771500

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    June 17, 2009

    You want fries with that?!

    Crazy wedding food

    By Sam Harrington-Lowe 

    OK, so maybe we’re not quite as crazy as la-la land yet – and of course by that I mean Los Angeles of course, but THIS is an interesting article about food trends for weddings in the USA. Yep folks, this summer, it’s all about the French fry, according to the New York Times.

    Seems prawn cocktail, steak Diane and Black Forest gateau just won’t do any more, it’s trash trash trash all the way.

    If this floats your boat, ask us. We love to do anything out of the ordinary and anyone who wants a shocking wedding feast – whether it’s Pot Noodle, beefburgers, fish ‘n’chips or vindaloo  beefburgerwill find nothing but a big smile here at Marry Me Towers!

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    March 31, 2009


    by Sam Harrington-Lowe

    Really excited now that we have just secured a fantastic new place for a wedding fair in West Sussex. Field Place in Worthing is absolutely gorgeous, they’re going all out for weddings and civil ceremonies and Marry Me! is delighted that we’re going to be doing a wedding fair with them on 4th October.

    Can’t say how pleased we are. It’s a great venue, and an opportunity to offer all those exhibitors from further West and even up into Surrey or Hampshire a place to exhibit. Oh, plus it’s got loads of free parking! Got to be a winner.

    Anyone who hasn’t seen the place before, have a look at their site here and if you would like to exhibit or visit, wing us an email. Since we secured the spot yesterday we’ve had five exhibitors book space though so be lively!

    samharrington-lowe @ 2:34 pm